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Christmas with our lovely children

 With Christmas fast approaching..

we just wanted to say …… THANK YOU !
and it’s been a pleasure working with you on our Child Education Development facebook page & projects in 2014. Thank You so much for the LIKES, COMMENTS & SHARES, all of you have been awesome. Welcome to all our new followers. Thank you to all the Volunteers that work on our projects, and those that assist in so many ways. The donations of time and money are appreciated not only by us but all those whose lives we have touched.
Wishing you the joy and blessings of Christmas, may you and your families be blessed with joy, love and peace.
A Happy New Year in 2015 ….. we look forward to your prayers and support in the New Year !

Partnering with World Without Borders (WWB) in China

Iwwbt’s been a great privilege for CHILD EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT (CED)  in Sri Lanka to partner with WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS (WWB)  in China. The partnership was established in 2014 to secure the sustainable voluntary work among needy and vulnerable individuals in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. The partnership has extended their services not only among human beings but also among destitute and homeless animals such as turtles, dogs and cats.  WWB provides assistance & support to the Chinese national students and any individual with their voluntary travel ideas while providing more feasible and safe travel information and volunteer opportunities for Chinese nationals.

意趣棋牌At CED, partnerships are essential to our effort in empowering children in education, bringing a smile to an elderly who lives in Care Homes, strengthening an animal who is helpless and fight against poverty which is still a burning unfortunate in an island like Sri Lanka. CED works closely with WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS in China to deliver long-term change in the areas mentioned above.  WWB contributes to our development goals in a way that is beneficial to both parties.

Child Education Development is highly excited to launch our new voluntary program with  Chinese Partner – WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS. CED & WWB have a strong relationship and started working together since this summer, combining the unique strengths of both organizations to achieve a shared vision.

意趣棋牌“World Without Borders” is incredibly excited to be partnering with Child Education Development and to launch this voluntary program. It’s a distinctive partnership that provides voluntary support through CED in the beautiful and fascinating island of Sri Lanka which is called as pearl in the Indian Ocean. Our volunteers will support orphans and destitute children mainly in education. I believe just being with these innocent kids & vulnerable elders  itself would help them feel good and accepted, said Yuhao Wang and Xuepeng Yang , Co-founders of WWB in China.

Sri Lanka Landslide Leaves Children Vulnerable


mud copy意趣棋牌mudslide triggered by monsoon rains has buried scores of people in central Sri Lanka, killing at least 15 and leaving 400 others missing & officials said.The mudslide happened early in the morning on Wednesday, wiping out more than 100 homes of tea garden workers at the Meeriabedda tea estate, 218 kms east of the capital, Colombo.

意趣棋牌Rescue workers pulled out bodies and troops were mobilized to help with the rescue operations. State broadcaster Rupavahini showed huge mounds of earth covering the houses, with only parts of the roofs visible on some. It showed more muddy water gushing from the hill tops. Heavy rainfall has also washed away sections of several national highways, slowing down traffic.four schools in Haldummulla Educational Division will be temporary closed until next Monday (3), following the prevailing extreme weather condition in the area

Child Education Development has launched urgent appeals for donations to help survivors of the mudslide victims in Sri Lanka. You can donate via our website. . email nilanthi@fjw67qw.cn意趣棋牌 for more information.








children in their class room

Child Education Development is a Christian childcare organization working close with Governmental Ministries and Institutions with the help of well-wishers and friends locally and internationally for the betterment of the less-privileged and vulnerable children and families in Sri Lanka.

CED works mainly in the fields of education both in formal & non-formal. providing help & support in formal education providing teachers and resources in teaching English and Information Technology, conducting afterschool additional support in Maths, native languages, English language and Information Technology where there are no resources available like in the city schools & colleges.In the area of non-formal education CED support in building to provide adequate space in school class rooms, training teachers, giving scholarships for higher education, establishing libraries and play centres in schools, conducting literacy and post literacy classes.

Further, it is sad to see that most of the children have been struck with unimaginable poverty. Many children have become victims of domestic violence, homelessness, discrimination, drug addition, alcoholism, forced early marriage, teen motherhood, sexual exploitation, lack of healthcare, inadequate education, illiteracy and child labor etc.

CED conducts awareness programs for the uneducated families of the children in our educational support & care. The rate of committing suicide and child sexual abuse in this area is on top of the list in Sri Lanka. Due to poverty, un- education and not knowing how to handle stress, the innocent parents commit suicide and the under aged children become vulnerable and destitute. Their future goes blank and deletes over a night. CED has recognized these areas and the needs of the community. So, one of the main focus has been to conduct awareness programs and counselling sessions for the parents and children. These counselling sessions have been very effective. Already we have been recognized as effective, efficient and result oriented body by the community which is a golden encouragement for CED to be more energetic and march forward to carry out our  vision & mission.

Children got their Christmas giftsvolunteermed