About us

About Us

意趣棋牌Child Education Development provides opportunities and assistance to the uneducated and impoverished people of Sri Lanka through education and community development programs.

意趣棋牌We operate on the principle that all people should have access to the basic necessities of life.  We strive to accomplish our goals through working democratically with the communities we serve.

Our Funding

We take pride in the fact that a significant majority of our donations comes from individual donors like you.  We are not government funded and we do not rely on large grants to carry out our work.

Success to Date

Examples of some of the biggest successes within the rural communities we serve include:

  • Two Preschool Nutrition Centers operating in rural Sri Lanka.
  • Over 200 students goes to school in 2013
  • Numerous Medical, Dental, Vision and Veterinary Clinics operated throughout the year that have greatly improved the overall health of undeserved communities
  • Thousands of food packets delivered to families across the
  • Two schools built, classrooms and playgrounds repaired
  • Delivered aid to children and families during natural disasters and emergencies.