awareness programs

awarnessChild Education Development (CED) conducts awareness programs for the uneducated families of the children in our educational support & care. We conduct awareness programs & seminars on child sexual abuse in the North Central Province. Also conducting awareness programs and counseling sessions for depressed families and parents. The rate of committing suicide, child sexual abuse in this area is on top of the list in Sri Lanka. Due to poverty, un-education, not knowing how to handle stress, the innocent parents commit suicide and the under aged children become vulnerable and destitute. Their future goes blank and deleted over a night. CED has recognized these situations and needs of the community in this area.

意趣棋牌So, one of the main focus has been to conduct awareness programs and counseling for the parents and adults has been very effective. Already we have been recognized as effective, efficient and result oriented by the community which is a golden encouragement for CED to be more energetic and march forward to carry out our  vision & mission.