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On 28th July 2014  , newly built Carson Library handed over to the Children at Ulllala School Kamburupitiya. Carson library was a wonderful gift for the school and the Ullala village from Mr Neil Carson the Chief Executive of Johnson Matthey in London

意趣棋牌The Carson library , the biggest school library in the area was built in a remarkable short time of 5 weeks, under the supervision of Srilanka Chairman of UKFG and Devsiri’s father-in-law, Mr Sirisena Gamage, better known as Mr G.   The Carson library which cost $12,000 consist of brand new tables, chairs , book cupboards , ceiling fans and a Mable floor and nearly 500 new text books all paid for by Mr Carson.

意趣棋牌Three years ago Mr Carson and family donated a similar library to Ratanapala school at Kamburupitiya and this second new library is a testament to Carson family’s continuing generosity for the children in the town. The parents and children are eternally grateful to them .


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意趣棋牌We are pleased to announce that our next school building project will be in Khatagasdigiliya ,in north Central Province , a small village between Trincomallie and Anuradhapura.  so far we have raised $2,150  out of $ 15,000.