Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic

Child Education Development Sri Lanka is planning to open a medical clinic is for many people the only access point they have to healthcare and treatment options. On a daily basis we regularly treat people for Pneumonia, high-blood pressure, strokes, diabetes as well as attempt to provide preventative treatment for kidney failure – a major issue here in the north central province.

It costs $60 to purchase enough medication to support our clinic for one day.

You can support our medical clinic through a variety of ways:

  • Send a general donation to our Medical Clinic
  • Donate $60 in honor of a loved and provide the clinic with Medicine for a Day. Please use the General Donation interface for this and indicate in the notes that you wish to honor a loved one. We’ll get in contact with you to arrange for your loved ones’ photo be displayed prominently in the clinic.
  • If you are in a position to donate medication (over the counter or prescription) or medical equipment please review our information about Sending donation goods.

For more information about the Medical Clinic please contact