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Student Sponsorship


Receiving an education is one of the most significant and sustainable ways in which children can improve the standard of living for themselves and their families. Child Education Development is dedicated to promoting education within the communities we serve. Over 200 students are currently sponsored to attend school. These children would not have the opportunity to go to school without a sponsor. Student Sponsorship through CED provides students with: • Enrollment fees • School uniform • Backpack and school supplies • Shoes • T-shirt and shorts for gym • Monitoring of their school work and progress by a social worker • Graduation costs when required • General educational support where needed

As a sponsor you will receive:

• A detailed profile of your child and their living situation

• Regular updates on their school results and report card (five to six times a year)

意趣棋牌• The ability to write and connect with your sponsored student and their family.

• Regular photo updates on your child’s school progress and when they receive donations

Sponsorship Fees for 2013

意趣棋牌Students from pre-school to high-school: $360/year Students attending university: $1,260/year *These fees reflect full payment of a donor to sponsor one student for the year. Alternative payment options are available including:

意趣棋牌• Monthly payment of $30/month (school) or $105/month (university)

意趣棋牌• Co-sponsorship where the cost of sponsorship is shared with another donor

意趣棋牌(we take responsibility for seeking out the other donor) so your fees are limited to $15/month (school) or $53/month (university).

In Sri Lanka the school year runs from January through December. We accept support for school sponsorship throughout the year. For more information about the Student Sponsorship Program please email info@fjw67qw.cn意趣棋牌    or you can browse here to view students currently in need of sponsorship. Please also view our FAQ section if you have more questions on the Student Sponsorship Program.