Volunteer with us through WWB

Partnering with World Without Borders (WWB) in China

Iwwbt’s been a great privilege for CHILD EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT (CED)  in Sri Lanka to partner with WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS (WWB)  in China. The partnership was established in 2014 to secure the sustainable voluntary work among needy and vulnerable individuals in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. The partnership has extended their services not only among human beings but also among destitute and homeless animals such as turtles, dogs and cats.  WWB provides assistance & support to the Chinese national students and any individual with their voluntary travel ideas while providing more feasible and safe travel information and volunteer opportunities for Chinese nationals.

意趣棋牌At CED, partnerships are essential to our effort in empowering children in education, bringing a smile to an elderly who lives in Care Homes, strengthening an animal who is helpless and fight against poverty which is still a burning unfortunate in an island like Sri Lanka. CED works closely with WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS in China to deliver long-term change in the areas mentioned above.  WWB contributes to our development goals in a way that is beneficial to both parties.

Child Education Development is highly excited to launch our new voluntary program with  Chinese Partner – WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS. CED & WWB have a strong relationship and started working together since this summer, combining the unique strengths of both organizations to achieve a shared vision.

“World Without Borders” is incredibly excited to be partnering with Child Education Development and to launch this voluntary program. It’s a distinctive partnership that provides voluntary support through CED in the beautiful and fascinating island of Sri Lanka which is called as pearl in the Indian Ocean. Our volunteers will support orphans and destitute children mainly in education. I believe just being with these innocent kids & vulnerable elders  itself would help them feel good and accepted, said Yuhao Wang and xuepeng yang , Co-founders of WWB in China.

Volunteering in Wattala – Western Province – Sri Lanka (in between Capital City of Colombo and Beach City of Negombo)

1. Work in Orphanage:

Volunteer to help children as a friend and a care giver as they deserve love, support, education and safe and healthy environments. Teaching English, Art & Craft, help them in physical activities, play games together, sing song with them, teaching music, teaching lessons on hygiene and personal care and just be a friend to these orphans. Being a tool, support and a blessing to these innocent children. Help them understand how important they are and they too are equally treated in the society. They too are loved, cared and admired.

2. Work in Care Homes – Elderly Care:

Help the elderly in daily routines like washing up in the morning, help them get dressed, help them in personal care like cutting nails, combing hair, bathing them, help them serve meals, help in cleaning in dinning area, rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, leisure time activities like reading daily newspapers to them, reading story books, playing games, singing, dancing, and just be a close friend and caring listener to share their sorrows and worries.

3. Teach in Pre-Schools and Kindergartens

意趣棋牌 Early Childhood Development Understanding the development of early childhood. Understanding the needs of the children who come from marginalized and vulnerable back grounds and families. Teaching English, Art & Craft, help them in physical activities, play games together, sing song with them, teaching music and teaching lessons on hygiene and personal care. Be an assistant to Teachers in whatever the capacity they require in teaching the children