Programme overview

Volunteering in Sri Lankan orphanages & Schools can be a very fulfilling experience because you’ll get to enhance the lives of children who have been either abandoned, displaced or abused and in some cases all three.Children are the future of any nation, and we feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to help all children maximize their potential, and to promote the best future possible for them in their home country.

These precious children, who have had a very tough start in life, are in need of psychological needs such as encouragement, affection and care, in addition to the basic physiological needs of all children. Without our help, they will be denied the opportunity to make their way in the world as confident, integrated adults who are ready to face the future. There are, however, some organizations, philanthropists and orphanages that are committed to providing a much needed safety net for these vulnerable children, and we are one of them.

意趣棋牌In working with disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka orphanages & Schools, volunteers can have a significant and beneficial impact on their well being, happiness and self-confidence, helping the children focus not on the sorrow and loneliness they have experienced in their formative years, but rather on their potential for a bright future. Encouraging the children to look forward rather than back can have a profound effect on their well being and sense of self-worth.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka orphanages  and Schools are both a challenging and rewarding experience. Our previous volunteers tell us it has given them a new perspective on life, allowing them to embrace a country in a way that no back-packer could by merely travelling. The time spent volunteering will be unique, full of satisfaction and surprises, and give you memories that will never fade.

Our partner organisations prioritize children without families who need love, care and protection; children who can benefit from the support of those willing to help make their lives better. Working as a volunteer in a children’s home in Sri Lanka is an exciting and rewarding opportunity; it’s your chance to give a helping hand to those who are truly in need.

 Category of Children Volunteer Projects in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Sri Lanka and specially want to work with children in Sri Lanka, CED Volunteer Program offers a range of volunteer projects which can be suited to your desire.

Teach English to young children in Sri Lanka – Teaching English in Government schools & International Schools

If you expect a formal class room format English teaching volunteer experience just to develop your career path, we have the capacity to arrange a best English teaching project in Sri Lanka for you. You can teach English in a government school with the support of the local teacher. We can also offer teaching programs for Mathematics, Science, Music, Sports or Art and Crafts in a class room environment.

Teach English to young children in Sri Lanka – Teaching English in Community Projects

In community development volunteer projects in Sri Lanka, you can experience a similar classroom format as Teaching English but will be working in orphanages, community centres or Buddhist temples. Volunteers will be able to form their own lesson plans and will be able to conduct lessons to their own style giving children the knowledge with the formal background of the government school English teaching project.

Work with Children in the Community in Sri Lanka 

If you do not have the capacity or experience for Teaching English, you can still play a big role in the Sri Lankan Community Development Projects. By using your imagination and personal talents and skills whilst working with children who are currently marginalized from society through economic or physical and mental disabilities, you can inspire and encourage them to develop personal skills and interests that will help them to become useful and dignified adult citizens and thus shape the future of especially, children in Sri Lanka orphanages. This is one of the main elements of CEDs Mission statement.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please send an e-mail message to nilanthi@fjw67qw.cn意趣棋牌 , detailing your interest and timeline.  Please be sure to attach your resume in the message.

Please be aware that Child Education Development cannot offer any type of compensation to volunteers for services provided. You are responsible for paying for any expenses incurred, such as traveling to and from Sri Lanka, living expenses, insurance, medical and personal expenses.

We will however assist you with information or reservations, where we can, to find suitable accommodation and transport as you require.